• - Group of poultry farmers wearing protective clothing during the Feed Demonstrations, 2017
  • - Dr. Tom Nortey examines one of the demo birds during the last Field Day at Wenchi, 2017
  • - Presentation of birds by Isaac Kankam to caretakers and children at Ashan Children’s Home, 2017
  • - Donation of Poultry Birds to an Orphanage: Some Children from FrankMay Children’s Home, Techiman hold some of the birds presented by the AMPLIFIES Project, 2017
  • -A poultry bird weighs 3.8kg after 6 weeks feed demonstration on the AMPLIFIES Project, 2017
  • -Poultry Farmers during a feed demonstration training session by Dr. N, Nortey, 2017

Project Overview:

The project is being implemented to reduce new HIV infections. In Phase 1, ADRA worked with 7 Sub-Recipients in stigma reduction and Testing and Counseling activities. The agency as a Principal Recipient is working with two (2) Sub-Recipients during the Phase 2. The Sub-Recipients are Christian Council of Ghana (CCG) and Prolink. Christian Council of Ghana operates in five Districts in the Eastern Region. Prolink also operates in six Districts, two in each of the following regions, Greater Accra, Ashanti and Volta.

Project Target/Objective:

Condom Distribution:

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