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Project Overview:

There are approximately 9,000 Ivorian Persons of Concern (PoC –Refugees) in Ghana. With sponsorship from UNHCR, ADRA provided livelihood support to Rural & Semi-Rural PoC in Ghana in the areas of Agriculture, Skills/ Apprenticeship Training and Business Entrepreneurship. The project seeks to empower PoC and asylum-seekers hosted in camps at Ampain, Krisan, Egyeikrom and Fetentaa to increase or diversify their sources of income.

Project Target/Objective:

“To strengthen livelihood support to PoC to gradually reduce dependency on humanitarian aid and assistance; with a view to increase the economic capacity of 866 refugee households/individual (approximately 4,330 people) in the four camps (Ampain, Krisan, Egyeikrom and Fetentaa)

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