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ADRA Ghana's Expertise in Agriculture & Food Security


Agriculture and Food Security is a major field of intervention which ADRA Ghana has made the most recognizable impacts in assisting over two million farmers and their households in about 2000 communities to improve their agricultural productivity and production. The support has contributed to increased household incomes and reduction in poverty levels. ADRA has a wide geographical coverage and has implemented projects in all 16 regions of Ghana over the past three decades.


The Agency’s involvement in tree crop production has led to the formation of “Mango and Cashew Belts” in the Transitional Zone of Ghana. We have also developed several documentaries such as citrus production; mango production; cashew production; improved plantain production; woodlot; livestock production; and settlement erosion control.


Our focus areas include: Technology promotion for increased yield in cereal crops (maize, rice, sorghum) and legumes (soybean, cowpea and groundnuts); Tree crop plantation development and management (mango, citrus, cashew, cocoa etc.);

Development of agricultural value chains, emphasizing on linkage of farmers to inputs, markets and credit facility; and Provision of technical and consultancy services to farmers and client organizations. The Agency has developed and adopted an integrated approach to its food security projects. Over the years, ADRA has been using capacity strengthening approaches for stallholder farmers; community mobilization and sensitization including group formation to organize project beneficiaries

Interventions Promoted

• Community Mobilization and extension services;
• Crop Value Chain Development;
• Integrated Soil Fertility Management (ISFM);
• Integrated Pest Management;
• Improved Production and Productivity of annuals (maize, soy bean, rice), roots and tubers, and tree crops(mango, cashew, citrus);
• Poultry and aquaculture;
• Postharvest Management;
• Natural Resource ManagementReforestation/Afforestation;
• Climate Change Adaptation; and
• Farm Management Service