Some Completed Projects

MiDA Commercialization of Agriculture Project

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization News release of 14 September 2010, nine hundred and twenty-five million people do not have enough to eat and 98 percent of them live in developing countries of which Ghana is part. Here in Ghana, ADRA comes in to provide for those deprived of food and also support farmers to adopt good agronomic practices to increase food production and access, ensure household food security and also sell surpluses for income. In 2011, ADRA Ghana continued its support to agriculture and food security program by focusing on Commercialization of Agriculture

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Northern Ghana Food Security Resilience Project (NGFSRP)

During the 2011 cropping season, the NGFSRP supported 6,988 farmers with maize seeds (18.82 tons), groundnut seeds (8.37 tons), NPK (496.4 tons) and Sulphate of Ammonia (246.7 tons). The beneficiary farmers were made up of 2,113 new farmers and 4,875 old farmers whose in-kind repayment were monetized to procure agro-inputs and services for them. The success of the repayment concept introduced into the project implementation as a sustainability measure enabled some beneficiary farmers to increase their acreages from one (1) acre to two acres and others to three acres.

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G-WASH Project

The G-WASH, a USAID-funded project, is implemented by ADRA Ghana in partnership with Relief International (Principal Implementer) and Winrock International. ADRA’s core role has been with the hydro-geological investigation for water provision, construction of institutional and household latrines and monitoring environmental issues. The following activities were implemented in 2011 as contribution towards the set project objectives: • 135 local artisans were trained in the central, Western and Greater Accra regions to construct toilet facilities; • 805 household latrines have been constructed and officially handed over to communities in Volta, Central, Greater Accra and Western regions;

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HEAL Project

The project is funded from the ADRA International Gift catalogue. This $50,000 support project is the replacement of the SHAPES project which ended in December 2010 with the aim to sustain OVC families with health education, livelihood support for orphans and vulnerable children. The project was implemented in three regions in Ghana- Eastern, Central and Ashanti regions, targeting the general population, PLHIV and OVCs in 35 selected communities in seven districts.

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M-SHAP Project

The project which ended in June, 2011, was funded by the Ghana AIDS Commission (GAC). It was implemented by nine (9) community NGOs/CBOs in five (5) districts (Atiwa, Fanteakwa, Birim North, Birim Central and Birim South) in the Eastern Region of Ghana. The project employed certain key strategies for effective targeting. These strategies include BCC outreach education and services, condom promotion for dual protection, promotion of CT and PMTCT, partnership and collaboration and capacity building.

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Sid and Mary Foulger Foundation

Philanthropists based in the US in collaboration with ADRA Ghana are providing support to in-school and out-of-school children to further their education and provide them with employable skills. In the year 2011, the project supported 10 needy students. ADRA Ghana has been coordinating activities of this project since its inception in July, 2010.

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