Outcome 2: Increased Knowledge of 100,000 People on COVID-19 Prevention Protocols.

A review of Hope Channel Ghana’s viewership documents revealed that the number of people receiving COVID-19 vaccine ads grew steadily to reach a peak of 2,000,000 within the project period. Of the sub-sample (n=20) of participating (n=10) and non-participating (n=10) church and community members responding to this study, the percentages of individuals who knew the five (5) recommended WHO COVID-19 prevention guidelines stood at 90.2% and 55.6% respectively. Therefore, the evaluation found a 62% change in knowledge of COVID-19 prevention protocols between the participating and non-participating churches and communities.

Analysis of project documents showed that the project donated 15 pieces of communication equipment (i.e., TV sets) to GAHS OPDs by October 2022. The project target of 15 pieces of equipment was achieved 100%, exhibiting outstanding performance.

he project missed its target of 200 churches narrowly. Data available from the project documents revealed that 193 (97%) out of the 200 targeted churches were mobilized to implement COVID-19 prevention protocols and pro-vaccination awareness campaigns. Of the number reached, ADRA mobilized 115 Adventist and 78 non-SDA churches. Thus, the efforts provided good vaccination coverage for vulnerable groups, including women and children.

On September 25, 2022, the project organized a COVID-19 orientation for 90 church health leaders. The participants comprised 34 females and 56 males. The project documents revealed that an estimated 2,000,000 persons were achieved with the COVID-19 vaccine awareness campaign. The project target of 100,000 was overwhelmingly exceeded.